Get 40% per month
by providing help. is a global community of like minded people to support each other in their hard times for the better life and living.


Earn upto 23% bonus
by referring your friends & family.

Earn referral bonus upto 23% bonus on their committments by referring to your friends and family. Build your own team and become a manager

How it works

  • Register to by using the referral link
  • Create a Provide Help(PH) order and transfer 25% of the PH to managers to activate the PH
  • Transfer the remaining 75% PH to members to complete the order.
  • Your PH will earn you 1.33% daily i.e 40% per month.
  • Refer your friends and family and earn 10% bonus on their PH from your direct downline
  • Earn 5%, 4%, 3%, 1% bonus on PH from your indirect downlines respectively
  • You can GH anytime after 15 days of your PH order

MHT DeFi Coin

  • Millions help is a defi token for helping platform.
  • Millions help token is a DeFi coin, refers to financial services using smart contracts, which are automated enforceable agreements that don’t need intermediaries like a bank or lawyer and use online blockchain technology instead.
  • Millions help token will revolutionsize the helping plateform and will help in sustaining the platform forever.
  • The total supply of MHT DeFi Coin will be 10,000,000

How MHT DeFi coin will work

  • On successfully registration user will get 50 MHT coins
  • On successfull PH user will get equal number of MHT coins.
  • On each referral registration the referer will get 10 MHT coin.
  • On becoming manager, the manager will get 200 MHT coin
  • Users can redeem the MHT coin on plateform by requesting to the CRO.
  • To redeem the MHT deFi coin, user have to make minimum 2 PH.
  • The initial price for MHT defi coin will be $0.10, once it is listed on exchanges then the price would explode exponentially.
About Us

Help is Our Main Goal Ever

More about - a global community of a million people to serve the humanity." is not a bank, It does not collect your MONEY neither is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. is a community where people help each other. gives you a technical basic program, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help. All transferred BITCOINS to another participants are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. In cases of any matter regarding the topic our online consultants are ready to help and answer all your questions.

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Why Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a global virtual currency, anybody can transfer bitcoin at any given time without the help of any banking system. is a global helping platform and has users across the globe hence bitcoin is the ideal solutions for global payment transfer.

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